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Our Brief History

Established in the spring of 1890, Vineland Methodist Church celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2020. In the early days of its organization, the church was known as ‘Vineland Circuit Methodist Episcopal Church.’ Its early meetings were held in a home on 36th Lane and Hillside road. In 1903, the congregation built the present sanctuary on 36th Lane and South Road. An addition was made to the original building in 1953. The original parsonage was built in 1906 replaced with a new one in 1960. In 1978, the church added a new building, known as the Education Building, with a gymnasium, kitchen, meeting hall and classrooms. 

A Community Church

In its more than a century of existence, the members of Vineland Methodist Church have always considered themselves to be a community church and have continued to strive to serve the needs of the community and beyond. Irrespective of denominations, many people in the neighborhood have associated themselves with Vineland Methodist Church at one time or another for their spiritual needs. Our Education Building continues to serve the needs of the community in various ways. We host meetings of various local groups such as Lions’ Club and Boy and Girl Scouts. We also provide a space for basketball practices and other family related events such as birthdays, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, and funeral and memorial services.


‘Wider Missions’

As an Independent Church and a part of the universal body of Christ, we also participate in ‘wider missions’ in prayer and sharing our resources, Helping those who are economically deprived and excluded, so that they may attain their God-given potential and experience God’s love. God's love is a priority. Through Our Church and other humanitarian organizations, we support causes that seek to promote God’s love and Goodwill among human beings. 

Our Beliefs

We come together as a church because we feel called to work together to promote God’s love, justice, equality and peace in our time and generation. We consider ourselves God’s people. We are simply people of faith on a journey and welcome anyone to join us on the journey to grow in faith through worship, study, fellowship and service to and with others. We come together to seek answers to life’s tough questions and look for a resting place for our souls.   We believe that we can work together for the greater good of all if we let love be the core of our relationship with God and one another. At Vineland Methodist Church we strive together in love just as we pray,

‘May your kingdom come; may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’

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